I feel like I’m always going through Pinterest spurts, I’ll pin non stop,take a break then go back to daily pinning. 

Pinterest really has influenced a lot of my outfit ideas and has taught me some great beauty tips! One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is look at home ideas, from exterior plans down to every room decor! I wanted to share some of my favorite pins with y’all!! 

ahh if only… Somehow in never turns out quite like the pictures!! 

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Catch Up

I’ve been so MIA lately! Sorry about that! I’ve been on vacation with family for the past week!

I wanted to share a few snapshots to catch everyone up! 
Still kicking myself for not snagging this maxi dress from H&M a couple of weeks ago! H&M is always a hit or miss for me but the more I think I think about this dress the more I wish I would’ve bought it! Ugh! 

H&M Maxi Dress
Enjoyed some homemade mimosas last Saturday morning before spending a fun filled day on the boat! So yummy!                                * Recipe to come later    
Fourth of July dessert

My sister made this super delicious 4th of July treat for us after we ate one my favorite meals, Beaufort Stew-definitely a must eat during summer! I’ll share this recipe later as well! 

I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th! It’s always been one of my favorite holidays!

Tory Burch Hat
 And now I’m spending some much needed time at our family beach house on Edisto Island! Family and sun does the heart good! 

xx-Salted Magnolia 


DIY Cut-Offs 

Have you ever bought a pair of cut-offs and they just weren’t the best fit or even thought to yourself, why did I just spend $50 on a pair of shorts I could of made myself? Yea… Me too. 
So I’m gonna share with y’all how to “modify” a pair of cut-offs. Actually, you can follow these exact steps to cut off a pair of your jeans too!

All you need is scissors and a tape measure (if cutting off jeans)

Step 1: lay the shorts flat
Step 2: fold the shorts in half with the button facing outwards
Step 3: cut both legs at same time in a straight line
finished product!

** it also helps to throw them in the washing machine afterwards to give them a frayed look** 

Keep in mind if you are cutting off jeans to get a measuring tape and measure the length you want the shorts to be! 

xx-Salted Magnolia 

Beauty Review

I have been carrying around this mask for months now. I purchased it during that awkward winter spring transition when your skin is just all out of wack (at least mine was.) 

Anyway, I finally decided to put it to the test last night. I don’t think I ever stopped sweating yesterday y’all, South Carolina weather has been unbearable the last few days, so I knew my face was in major need of some TLC. 

Ok so let me just cut to the chase.. I am obsessed! It left my face so moisturized and I could see an instant change in the brightness of my face.. I also felt like my make up went on a lot smoother and set so much better this morning! Not to mention it’s not your typical mask, there’s no mess. It’s a cloth mask so it literally just rolls right off and for only $6, seriously can’t beat that! I honestly think there’s still enough product left on it to reuse it, I wish I would’ve stored it better because I definitely would’ve reused it tonight! 

This particular mask is the Rose mask, designed to moisturize and brighten. Although, sephora makes a handful of other mask just like this one. I’ll link below to the direct site. 

Sephora Rose Mask $6

Hope everyone had an enjoyable and relaxing Father’s Day! 

xx- Salted Magnolia 

Summer Must Have

ok, so these are absolutely the best sandals ever! They go with literally everything. I fell in love with this designer earlier this summer when my sister gave me a pair of the Rowen Tradd sandals!


Rowen makes the cutest shoes, from summer sandals to winter boots (can’t wait to get my hands on a pair of the boots!) Many retailers carry them, I’ll link the website below!

You will definitely be seeing me sporting more pairs of Rowens this summer!


Check out their website!

xx-Salted Magnolia

Taking The Plunge

  • I have finally decided to listen to many many people and start a blog! I’m still getting used to all of this so bare with me… here it goes!

I’m sure if  when I get readers I will get many questions about the name of my blog. Luckily, I had my sister and soon to be sister in law to help me.  My sweet grandma was always described as a “sweet magnolia” so I have always wanted to incorporate “magnolia” in anything that I do. After countless of names crossed out and thrown away we came up with Salted Magnolia. I want people to imagine all things low country south when they hear those words. Salted for salt water and Magnolia for gorgeous magnolias trees.

You will be able to find all of my current fashion, beauty, fitness and any other obsessions here!

A little about myself:

  • 20 something girl from a small town with a big city ambition
  • lover of all things fashion, beauty and everything else in between
  • put me by the water and I’ll be yours forever

I hope I didn’t bore anyone too bad!!

*check back for my very first summer obsession post!!

xx-Salted Magnolia